What The Number Tell Us 2018

Kathy Schwinden

669—The number of requests for help we received in our office, with 511 clients aged 27 and over.
605—The number of people receiving diapers. There are few groups in our community that help with diapers, which continue to be a basic need.
499—The number of referrals we received from WIC (government
program providing food for women, infants, and children) and from other agencies. We encourage breastfeeding, but often our clients come to us at a time when it isn’t possible.
62—Layettes were given to newborns.
308— Requests for infant and toddler clothing. As we well know, bringing a baby into the world is just the beginning. Those newborns keep growing! These statistics remind us how important it is to be able to offer continuing support to struggling families during those crucial first years.

What Are The Numbers Telling Us

Cathy Schwinden – President

In the first half of 2017, we have responded to requests for help 582 times in our office. The majority of our clients are 27 years or older, and 340 of our clients were married. The number of teens is very small. This tells us our clientele has changed over the years and are at different stages of their lives than those who sought our help were when Birthright was founded.

The greatest needs have been for diapers, baby supplies such as wipes and bottles, baby clothes and formula. This tells us that many of our clients are experiencing poverty and may be struggling to meet basic needs.

Our greatest number of referrals, 283, came to us from WIC (Women’s, Infants and Children’s nutrition and food program) , and over 100 from Social Services and other agencies. This tells us that government support does not always meet the needs of those struggling. We are often called upon to help make up the difference.